Five in the morning, chilly, cold morning, everything is blue or grey, the roads fill up with cars, the traffic lights are on, the rest of the city lights are turned off, the people cautiously creep out on the streets, the first sunshine gleams.

The bartender sweeps, mops the floor, at six o’clock the bells ring as the first guest opens the door, a zombie stands on its step, his hands held in front of him, and chants growling: coffee, coffee, coffee, soon others join, from left, from right the dead arrive, both young and aged, leisurely trudging, they fall through the door, the bells ring again and again, the bartender brews diligently the caffé lungo, the latte, the black, hands out cream, sugar, coffee, coffee, coffee.

Eight o’clock, everyone goes to school or work, endure the suffering of classes, lectures, concreting, forklifting, packing, serving, office work, programming, the phone calls, colleagues, husbands, wives, friends, yawning, urinating, asswiping, all this with utter indifference, recklessness, nonchalance.

The bartender, at half past three, cleans the mugs, at three the first guest arrives, the bells ring as the door opens, a zombie stands on its step, because the coffee’s effects faded, with his hands held in front of him he chants: beer, beer, beer, with a cigarette in his hand he sits at the table outside, because he hates school, hurls the test papers that need correcting on a chair, puts his legs on them, reads a book next to shots, the pupil-zombies arrive, sit to drink with the teacher, because they hate school, the rest of the zombies come, public workers, men in suits, beer, beer, beer.

Ten o’clock at night, the drunk zombies are going home, the streets die out, the cars run out, the city lights have already been turned on, and those few who are still outside chant growling: TV, TV, TV, the match must be watched, the reality show must be watched, the news must be watched, the action film must be watched, and they march towards the screens, TV, TV, TV.

The next day, five in the morning, chilly, cold morning.